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Located in sites across the UK, Pellet Kings are dedicated to delivering both the best value for money and the highest quality ENplus A1 BSL Pellets and Animal Wood Pellets, delivered directly to your door.


We aim to offer the highest quality of service and price in the market place with our customer focused service, to make your life hassle free. We are here to please!

All of our products are environmentally friendly and sourced from sustainable sources.

Why Choose Pellet Kings?

  • Great Pellet King Service

  • Friendly local teams, servicing your needs

  • 100% sustainable sourced raw material

  • Authorised and complies with regulations.

  • Low ash and dust products

  • Huge stocks so we can keep supplying your needs

  • 365 day Supply

Woodsure Cert.png

We source our products from FSC-certified suppliers

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